Beyoncé’s Diet Secret Revealed, Singer Eliminated These Foods from Her Diet To Look Fabulous

Beyoncé works hard to keep her physique looking good and while she doesn’t give fans a lot of information or a look at how she does it, she did divulge some of the foods she limits.  Beyoncé says that her diet was limited when it came to carbs, bread, sugar, meat, fish, dairy, and alcohol. She avoided these foods completely while getting ready for her Coachella performance.  She didn’t give a name for her eating plan, but she said it was similar to a vegan ketogenic diet, which has a moderate number of proteins, low carbs, and high fats. Beyoncé and JAY-Z have talked about their vegan lifestyle and have encouraged their fans to eat more vegan meals.

Are you vegan or vegetarian? What made you make the move to a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle?

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