Brittnee B’s Favorite Starbucks Drinks!


I am probably one of the biggest Starbucks fans that I know and whenever I am feeling down, the Starbucks drive thru will always be there to make me feel that much better every time. (If you have a hard time dating like me, try dating Starbucks, they will always treat you right.)

Since I talk about Starbucks so often, I actually have a lot of people that like for me to give them all my gold star earning tips, tricks, and concoctions. With that, here are a few of my favorite Starbucks drinks that I order most often! (Oh, and if you are in any way related to Starbucks and are reading this, I am your biggest fan forever + always. Would be happy to be an ambassador for you at any time…)


B’s Go-To:

Iced Vanilla Chai w/ Oat Milk


Runner Up:

Iced Matcha Tea Latte w/ Oat Milk and Raspberry Syrup


Cravin Somethin Hot:

Oat Milk Vanilla Steamer with No Whipped Cream


Tea Please:

Iced Peach Green Tea


Give Me A Frappe:

Vanilla Bean Frapp with Oat Milk and Caramel Drizzle with No Whipped Cream


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