Brittnee B’s Snow Sculpture Adventure!

Just like I mentioned in my “Get to Know Me” blog, whenever I have a chance to run away to the mountains, I will SPRINT.

The International Snow Sculpture Championships came around in Breckenridge Colorado, so I grabbed my girl Alli and we drove right up to the mountain. If you have never checked out this event, I highly recommend that it is something you do. It typically happens around the end of January into the beginning of February, and it is so cool to walk around and see. Teams from around the world hand carve 25-ton blocks of snow and ice into these amazing, award-winning art pieces!

Teams also typically spend around 94 hours working on these master pieces and it is mind blowing to experience. Check out two of my favorite sculptures from the championships and YES one of them is a person sitting on the potty and YES that one was my favorite. (:

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