Max Radio of Denver License LLC

Stations:  KJHM (FM) Strasburg, CO
KFCO (FM) Bennett, CO
Reporting Period:  December 1, 2022 – November 30, 2023
No. of Full-time Employees: Less than 10
Small Market Exemption: No

The information required by FCC Rule 73.2080(c)(6) is provided in the charts that follow.


The employment unit engaged in the following broad outreach initiatives in accordance with various elements of FCC Rule 73.2080(c)(2):

Participated in at least 4 job fairs by station personnel who have substantial responsibility in making hiring decisions. 1/25/22 – Colorado Media School MLK Job Fair. Promotion Director participated. Promoted Job Fair for Colorado Media School and provided non-profit PSA commercials and promotion table and booth at job fair to collect resumes for potential sales and promotional team employees. Colorado Media School continuously helps educate people of color for business programs and facilitates job placements in the media industry.

8/9/23 -Media Hiring Event – Colorado Media School. General Manager, and Promotion Director participated.  JAMMIN’ 101.5 and FLO 107.1 provided PSA commercials and a full event including both station tents, music and prizes for the event. Max Media promoted job placements for all media companies and Max Media Jobs.

Hosted at least one job fair. 9/13/22, Max Media Sales Open House, 3033 S. Parker Rd, Suite 700, Aurora, CO 80014- – General Manager and Local Sales Manager participated. Promoted on-air and through social media to attend a sales and promotions hiring event at Max Media Denver and information session for the Podcast studio.
Co-sponsored at least one job fair with organizations in the business and professional community whose membership includes substantial participation by women and minorities. 10/19/23 -SHHRP (Society of Hispanic Human Resources Professionals). General Manager and Promotion Director participated. Provided SHHRP advertising for job fair and station promotional setup at the job fair. Max Media collected resumes and applications from interested job applicants.
Participated in at least 4 events sponsored by organizations representing groups present in the community interested in broadcast employment issues, including conventions, career days, workshops, and similar activities. 1/14/23 -MLK (Martin Luther King) Coat Drive. Promotion Director and Program Director participated.  Advertised the event on KJHM and KFCO and hosted booth at the event to raise awareness for Black Owned Businesses and Max Media employment opportunities.

1030/23 – Lincoln Technical College Fall Open House. Program Director, General Manager, and VP Sales participated. Promoted and hosted an event to invite the public to explore job opportunities in the technical field at Lincoln Tech.

10/19/23 – NewsEd Civil Rights Awards – Full Max Media Team Support – General Manager, Promotion Director, and Program Director participated. Promoted Civil Rights Awards and hosted Hispanic Heritage Month on-air promotion. NewsEd provides support for long-term economic disadvantaged communities.

11/13/23-11/18/22 – Tony V Food Drive -Denver- Promotion Director, AMD and MID on-air talent participated. Hosted 14 food drives at multiple locations to benefit Food Bank of the Rockies. Max Media delivered 4 Tons of food.

Established an internship program designed to assist members of the community to acquire skills needed for broadcast employment. Partnered with The Merge Academy to train and inspire new to broadcast professionals with intention to hire full-time.  Interns hired to lead Street Team 5/26/2020, Intern hired to Max Media 4/15/2020, Hired 4/13/2021- Promotion Director is working with Program Director for on-air shift training. Intern hired as Business Office Assistant 10/1/22. Intern hired as On-air talent 11/1/23.
Participated in job banks, internet programs, and other programs designed to promote outreach generally (i.e., that are not primarily directed to providing notification of specific job vacancies). The stations actively engage the audience through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. See, for example, Facebook pages for FLO 107.1, and JAMMIN’ 101.5.
Established training programs designed to enable station personnel to acquire skills that could qualify them for higher level positions. Subscribe to Colorado Broadcast Association and for training opportunities for all departments- Webinars, Articles and scheduled training.
Established a mentoring program for station personnel. Developed programming mentorship with Program Director to train interns and part time employees for on-air shifts, board operation, and programming software.
Participated in at least 4 events or programs sponsored by educational institutions relating to career opportunities in broadcasting. 1/1/23 to 12/1/23. Annual Colorado Media School Street Team Sponsorship –Promotion Director and General Manager designed an outreach program to facilitate new students at Colorado Media School and showcase the job placements within Max Media from graduates of Colorado Media School. 

6/3/2023 – Southwest Denver Coalition Safe Summer Kick off–General Manager and VPS Sales participated. Helped promote summer jobs and assistance programs through PSA commercials and social media.

11/1/23-11/30/22- Denver Human Services- General Manager participated. Promoted resource centers in Montbello for community resources available for parents and low-income families.

Sponsored at least 2 events in the community designed to inform and educate the public as to employment opportunities in broadcasting. 10/1/23-10/19/23 – SHHRP Hispanic Heritage Month Hiring Event- General Manager participated. Broadcast PSA’s to promote Hispanic History and notable Hispanic broadcasters in the community and also promoted the in person hiring event with SHHRP at the Denver Tivoli on Auroria Campus with Metro State University.
Participated in other activities designed by the station employment unit reasonably calculated to further the goal of disseminating information as to employment opportunities in broadcasting to job candidates who might otherwise be unaware of such opportunities. Highly involved in the community at various non-profit events: NewsEd, SHHRP, Denver Human Services, Food Bank of the Rockies, Break The Silence, Lincoln Tech, and Denver Police Department. We also have a community program on Sunday mornings at 7am designed to highlight community partners and provide outreach for opportunities here at our stations and in the market.



Date of Hire Job Title Recruitment Source Referring Hiree
1/22/23 On-Air Talent All Access



Job Title of Position: Music Director Date of Hire:  1/22/23

Referral Source * Address of Source Contact Person at Source Tel. No. and E-Mail Address of Source
All Access N PO Box 6587 Malibu, CA 90264 Mark Capuano 


LinkedIn N 3033 S. Parker Rd. Suite. 700 Aurora, CO 80014 Sean Rhoads 


Colorado Broadcast Association N 333 West Hampden Ave. Suite 400 Englewood, CO 80110 Justin Sasso 720-536-5427 

Radio Advertising Denver N 3033 S. Parker Rd. Suite. 700 Aurora, CO 80014 Gregg Murry 724-719-1114 

* Indicate “Y” (yes) or “N” (no) if the organization requested that the station provide it with notice of all job vacancies. See Rule 73.2080(c)(1)(ii).








Recruitment Sources Referring Interviewees during Reporting Period Number of Persons

Interviewed that the 

Source Referred

LinkedIn 3
All Access 2
Colorado Broadcast Association 1
SHHRP Job Fair 4
Colorado Media School 6
Radio Advertising Denver 1
Employee Referral 5

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