🌟 Get ready for a night of soulful serenades and unforgettable vibes at the FLO BACK LOVE JAMS on February 10th, exclusively at the iconic ROXY venue! 🌟

 Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies as the stage comes alive with the smooth sounds of BROWN BOY and the sensational beats of DANK1. It’s a celebration of love, music, and unforgettable moments that you won’t want to miss!

🎟️ Secure your tickets now and join us on February 10th for a night of passion, connection, and the finest love jams. This is an experience that will leave you with your heart full and your soul uplifted. Don’t miss out – it’s time to FLO BACK and let the love jams carry you away! 🎶💑✨


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