Get To Know Brittnee B!


You came to the right place to find out all things Brittnee B-


Hi Ya’ll, Brittnee B here! Not only do I love hanging out with you on the airwaves from 10-3pm Mon-Friday but I also love livin’ it up here in the Mile High! Here are a few things about me so that we can be on bestie status:

Radio has been my life ever since I graduated high school. Broadcasting has and will always be a huge passion of mine.

I am a Libra which means I am in spooky mood all year round. I love all things spooky, scary, and haunted 👻

If you can’t find me, it’s probably because I am hiding in the mountains snowboarding or taking a relaxing vacay somewhere in the mountains with my Corgi.

I enjoy all things interior decorating and clothing. If I am not on the airwaves, I am checking out a local spot here in the Mile High with awesome decor and shopping for my next athleisure outfit to go with my Air Force 1’s!

I love a good nail appointment and self-care day and I make sure to make that time for myself weekly. Ladies + men, make sure you schedule yourself care appointments and make those times to do what makes you feel best! 

You could say that I am a tattoo addict. Tattoo sessions are most definitely my favorite therapy!

I created my own clothing line back in 2017 and it has been one of the other big successes in my life thus far.

Doggies are the best little things to walk this earth. My bestie is my lil Corgi Butters and he probably the one the understands me the most next to my momma.

I am a Colorado native! Ya girl was born and raised in Colorado Springs, CO and Colorado will most definitely always be home!


Thanks for getting to know a little bit more about me and I cannot wait to join you on many more Flo adventures as I hang with you throughout your work week!

Cheers Flo Fam!



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