Kanye West Has More Words For Adidas

Kanye West recently offered more words for Adidas following Swizz Beatz’s support in boycotting the brand. Kanye said on IG, “I COULD HEAR THE JOY IN MY TEAMS VOICES TODAY.” He continued, “ADIDAS DON’T WANT NO MORE SMOKE. THE MOVIE CREDITS ARE ROLLING. THIS WAR WASN’T ABOUT MONEY.” He added, “IT WAS ABOUT CONTROL OF OUR FAMILIES. OF OUR BUSINESSES. OF OUR STORY. OF OUR VOICE. I GAVE THEM THE OPPORTUNITY TO SETTLE THIS QUIETLY. NOW IT’S TIME FOR GAP :)” West continued sharing another post, “Dear Ye, Your legal team recommends that we refrain from posting anything on Gap for another 10 days.”

Has anyone at your job ever stolen one of your ideas and passed the idea off as his/her own?

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