Mang-Yee: Wknds

Mang-Yee Reverie (Pronounced like Jumanji, without the Ju). 😮‍💨

ON-AIR MONDAY through FRIDAY 10AM to 12PM and WKNDS 10AM to 3PM

Panamanian Born, Brooklyn Bred, and Internationally grown, Mang-Yee is a military brat who has had the pleasure of watching our culture both Cannabis and Hip Hop flourish from many different countries and with the viewpoints of many different cultures.  As a kid, like most, she was especially intrigued with Radio, music, the artists, the DJ’s especially, the culture, and of course Cannabis. She has worked in the music industry as an on-air personality assisting with Promotions and Marketing, Events, and Touring with some of our cultures top names for over 15 years.

Mother of three, and lover of music, Mang-Yee was determined to show her children, you’re never too old to pursue something you love. At 33 Her beginnings in radio originated with the Armed Forces Network (AFN) The Military’s broadcasting entity overseas in Kaiserslatuern, Germany where she trained and worked as an intern for two years. Leaving a 15-year stint as an army civilian federal employee. Knowing that wasn’t her final place, you always have to strive to be better, she decided to pursue a certification in Radio Broadcasting, returned to college and sought employment in a market, more fitting to her City Girl Vibe, Beautiful Denver. Eventually she was brought onboard a major station here in Denver, hosting weekends on air and brought a little East Coast Spice to the Mile High City!

Three years into her dream job, 2020 threw her, like most, for a loop.  She was furloughed for a total of two years before being let go.  Not wanting to lose the skills newly acquired, money spent on an education in Broadcast Media and taking advice from big brother Redman she decided to create a podcast, specifically about Minorities and people you wouldn’t normally hear from in Cannabis. Many celebrities and Cannabis personas have sat with her and told their tales. In addition to the podcast, Mang-Yee and her team took on a unique way to showcase, launch, promote and market Cannabis brands here in Denver, Colorado like “Tical” Long time friend Methodman and Naquan’s brand, and others! Now in 2022, she’s returning to her first love, music.

Cannamom first and foremost sending Love and special salute to her 3 Children, her family and closest friends, for allowing her to follow a dream, believing in her, and watching it come true, without them and God, none of this would have been possible!

Mang-Yee is looking forward to rocking the airwaves at her new home on FLO 107.1!

Smoke Trees & Spread love it’s the Mile High way

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