Meow Wolf Denver Announces Name and Opening Date!

After years of watching the building rise,

the long-awaited Denver Meow Wolf will finally open its doors on September 17th, 2021. Soon you will get a turn to discover the mysteries of Meow Wolf’s quirky and captivating art installations. The four-story exhibit, which features art from over 110 Colorado residents, is three years in the making and has more than 70 installations, rooms, portals and is Meow Wolf’s largest permanent installation at 90,000 square feet.

Convergence Station, which is the formal name of the forthcoming location, is described as “a quantum journey of exploration and discovery as passengers traverse new worlds, and like all Meow Wolf locations, labyrinthine mysteries beckon from its vibrant walls, portals and wormholes.”

The Meow Wolf collective is carving out it’s niche of large-scale immersive art experiences, and is excited to see what its future looks like — though it’s safe to assume it will be colorful and chaotic.
“Meow Wolf began as a group of young artists exploring ways to express their unique vision outside of the traditional gallery system, and now that we’ve found a way to create a successful model for our kind of installation art and artist community collaboration, we are excited to showcase and support our fellow artists in communities around the world.”


Purchase your tickets to  Convergence Station here:

Convergence Station | Get Tickets | Meow Wolf Denver


Arrive as you. Leave transformed.

Hours of Operation

Sun – Thurs: 10:00AM – 10:00PM

Fri & Sat: 10:00AM – 12:00AM

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