New Video: Was the Rockies Fan Yelling “Dinger” and Not a Racial Slur

Yesterday, at Coors Field a fan was accused of yelling the N word as Lewis Brinson of the Marlins was at bat in the 9th inning.

Social media went into a frenzy as audio of the fan yelling the racial slur went viral. People had the same questions, how come this fan was not apprehended? How come no one pointed this man out?

After the game the Rockies put out a statement (see below) saying they would not put up with this behavior and they were disgusted.

Well, now a new video suggest that the Rockies fan was not saying the N word but instead was yelling “Dinger”. In the new video the fan is seen waving at Dinger and yelling.

Do you think this fan was just saying “Dinger”? Watch the video below

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