Post Malone Has A Wholesome Day Drinking Session With Seth Meyers

Via Late Night Show with Seth Meyers
Via Late Night Show with Seth Meyers

Seth Meyers and Post Malone went to The Waylon in Manhattan for a daytime session to see how much they could drink and how much they knew about each other. Meyers played bartender and gave out some questions and drinks. They asked each other questions about tattoos, names, and places. Posty then explained how he got to his own brand of rosé, Maison No. 9. “You smoke a cigarette, then you go on to weed, then you’re like, I don’t like weed, and then you go onto the Rosé. That’s the logical next step for you.” In the end, Meyers had temporary tattoos on his face, and the two of them were singing along to the Cheers theme.

Do you think you could outdrink Post Malone? Who would you like to day drink with?

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