Sharing Our Stories

Sharing Our Stories is a weekly program hosted by SLiM from Max Media of Denver’s Jammin101.5 and Thomas Hernandez of Tribe Recovery Homes, a nonprofit organization that provides support for individuals in recovery from substance misuse & mental health related issues. There are numerous pathways to recovery, and each week we welcome powerful leaders and role models, who have struggled in drug and or alcohol addiction, have found a pathway to recovery, and who thrive as successful, positive community members with an ongoing vision of success.  Join us as we share our experiences, strength and hope.

 “When the world says, ‘Give up,’ Hope whispers, ‘Try it one more time.”

You’re not alone in your battle with addiction and substance misuse.

Click HERE for local resources to help you– Caring for Denver

Join us each and every Sunday morning starting at 7AM, check out each video episode below OR listen to our AUDIO VERSIONS HERE


Sharing Our Stories: Hassan Latif

Sharing Our Stories: Sean Marshall

Sharing Our Stories: Kelly Mahana

Sharing Our Stories: Josie Burton

Sharing Our Stories: Denae Garcia

Sharing Our Stories: Aubrey Lavizzo

Sharing our Stories: Breonna Mahana

Sharing our Stories: Roberto Valdez

Sharing Our Stories: Nohnie Al-Jalil

Sharing Our Stories: Erika Staggs

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