Some Easy and Fun Summer Nails 2021

Summer Nails Trends you can do at home.

Extended French Manicure
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Here’s a cult classic with a bit of flair. Instead of doing a typical polishing of the nail tips achieve a classic French manicure, use a nail art brush to extend the design. Extend the design downwards into your nail beds with different colors of your choice. The beauty of this design is that not every nail needs to look identical, so have fun with it and don’t sweat it if you mess it.
Fuchsia Squiggle French Tips | Squiggly French Nail Art Is the Trendiest  DIY Manicure Idea | POPSUGAR Beauty *POPSUGAR
Stroke Sketches
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Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a skilled artist or go Picasso on your nails to achieve this picturesque paint job. With this design, the more more imprecise you are the better because #ART. After your base coat dries, sketch a few lines, shapes, and symbols over your nails with a black nail-polish pen. Wait for that to dry, then add your top coat as per usual.
30 Minimalist Nail Art Ideas for 2019 | Glamour *GLAMOUR
Rainbow Nails
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ICYMI: Rainbow nails are coming in hot this year. Celebs like Kendall Jenner are picking up on the most Instagrammable trend, which is honestly so convenient if you’re consistently indecisive when it comes to choosing your nail color (*raises hand*). Literally pick up whatever color you want, and for this design use a precise nail art brush to create this curved twist on a classic French mani.
Easy steps to do your own rainbow nails - Hammer and Nails Salon *HAMMER & NAILS
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It’s jewelry—for your nails. After applying a clear base coat to your nails, glue mini seed beads to your nails with nail glue. After they dry, apply two coats of clear gel top coat to help keep the design from scratching off.
Edgy Micro Bead Nail Design - YouTube *YOUTUBE
Pure Chromatics
How to get
Fine, there’s no real design aspect to this look, but the chrome is so intense that it stands alone as a design in itself. Just paint two opaque coats of silver nail polish over a base coat, apply a mega-shine top coat, and take a selfie.


Chrome nails | Chrome nails, Chrome nail polish, Gorgeous nails *PINTEREST


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