Video: Anti-Masker at Pueblo Restaurant Bullies Female Manager

A restaurant in Pueblo, The Do Drop Inn, is pressing charges against a customer who refused to wear a mask and bullied the female manager this past Saturday night.

The manager, Autumn Dowling told FOX21,

“I feel like by reading signs on the door and then coming in, you agree to those terms in a way,”  “I feel like I’ve dealt with every situation but Saturday takes the cake.”

Surveillance video shows the customer in the manager’s face, pointing fingers, cursing and backing her up against a table.

The restaurant just received their 5-star certification on Friday, so they have to require customers to put their masks on when they get up from the table for any reason.

The man was charged with harassment and trespassing, meaning he won’t be able to go to the restaurant again.

Watch: Man cited, banned from Pueblo restaurant after harassing manager over mask requirement


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